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The goal of the UC Berkeley MasterCard Scholarships is to create a group of young leaders who are moral, ambitious, and enthusiastic and who will spearhead socioeconomic change in Africa.

The Scholars Program is a growing commitment, and as of today, the Program has committed over USD $1.2 billion to assisting more than 40,000 young people in their pursuit of education and leadership development.

The University of California, Berkeley and The Mastercard Foundation have joined forces to form a cooperative, international network of educational institutions and non-profit groups that support the idea that education is a driving force behind social and economic progress.

Other scholarships that provide full scholarships and monthly stipends are available in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Here are some recommendations that you ought to look into:

Research Summary

University of California, Berkeley is the host institution.
USA as a country of study
Category: Masters and Postgraduate Scholarships
All nations in Sub-Saharan Africa are eligible.
Full scholarship, stipends, and lodging are the rewards.
No deadline was given.

Scholarship Information:

From 2012 through 2020, the Program, which is based in the Center for African Studies(link is external) at UC Berkeley, supported more than 120 undergraduate and graduate students. Doctoral degree candidates are not eligible for this program. The Program at UC Berkeley will fund more than 108 master’s degree students through the year 2030.

Conditions for Scholarships:

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For the Scholarship to be given to you, you must:

Having citizenship in a Sub-Saharan African nation: This includes Africans who are displaced or refugees within Africa. The recipients of this scholarship are not from North African nations. Not eligible are people who have dual citizenship, asylee, refugee, or permanent resident status in the US, Canada, UK, or EU.
being academically talented To be eligible for the Scholarship, all potential Scholars must first be accepted into a master’s program at UC Berkeley. Academic excellence as evidenced is a key requirement for admission to the university.
Having leadership potential: The Program seeks individuals who are dedicated to developing the abilities and perspectives associated with transformative leadership, that is, leadership that engages others in morally responsible ways to producethat which ethically engages people to bring about constructive and long-lasting change.
originating from a low socioeconomic background: This scholarship is intended for exceptionally gifted people who might not otherwise have access to high-quality postsecondary education.

Having proven your dedication to giving back to your town, nation, or continent: We are seeking for students who are well-rounded and active outside of the classroom. This may include additional topics (social, economic, and political) that you are working on and enthusiastic about, some of which may be directly relevant to your subject of study. Both in their UC Berkeley application and later in their scholarship application, applicants should go into more detail about their accomplishments.
Having stated your aim and wish to return home after completing your studies: We are searching for individuals who will take advantage of their education at UC Berkeley to better prepare themselves with the knowledge and skills to solve these concerns when they return. These students should be involved in and passionate about issues that affect their communities. The purpose of the Program is to enable Scholars to return home after establishing vital professional contacts through internships, academic training, and job placements, even though significant work can be done from overseas.

Scholarship Length and Compensation

MBA students must seek additional income from the Haas Business School by receiving Haas scholarships, which necessitates fulfilling the Round One or Round Two application deadline.

If you’re curious to find out more information about this special process, we strongly invite you to get in touch with us.

Approach to Application

Candidates that are qualified should apply by clicking the link below.


Before being given consideration for the Mastercard Foundations Scholars Program, candidates for a master’s degree must first apply to a graduate program. Not every degree program qualifies. A list of master’s degree programs is provided below.
Candidates should carefully evaluate the exact requirements for each eligible graduate degree program(link is external). Additionally, comprehensive information on the admissions procedure for overseas students is available from the Graduate Division(link is external). Direct inquiries about the requirements for admission should be made to the particular graduate program. Here, we go into further depth about the master’s program application procedure for the Scholars Program. Applications will be taken up until the fall of 2028.
Although undergraduate students are not eligible for the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at UC Berkeley, they are invited to submit an application to the university. On the Undergraduate Admissions website, you may get more details on the undergraduate application process (link is external). Students are being sought by other Scholars Program partners(link is external).


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