2023: Koko/Besse, Maiyama to Return Former NASS Member May 24, 2021


A concern Citizen of Kebbi state Alhaji Musa U/Dawaki has appealed to people of Koko/Besse, Maiyama federal constituency to start thinking of returning their former member of the National Assembly Honourable Salisu Garba Koko back to his former seat at the National Assembly come 2023.
Ubandawaki, an indigene of Koko town in Koko/Besse local Government area of Kebbi state made the remarks while speaking to journalists in Koko shortly after a reception held in honour of the first female professor in the area Mrs Maryam Abubakar Koko.

He said it is a well-known fact that honourable Salisu Garba koko has distinguished himself in the lower chamber of the national Assembly being instrumental to recruitment of many indigenes of his constituency in to various federal establishment around the country.

He said the former law maker has used his influence to secure employment to over 300 graduates and other certificates and Diploma holders in Maiyama and Koko/Besse local Government areas in just four years.

According to Ubandawaki in each of the 22 wards across the two local Governments no fewer than 10 persons were gainfully employed using his political influence in their professional fields of endeavour

Ubandawaki further explained that the former law maker has also constructed town halls and skills acquisition centers in the two LGAs he formerly represented at the national Assembly.

He said most of the political stakeholders he came in contact with in the constituency expressed their dismay with the circumstance they found themselves in since when the former lawmaker was unceremoniously removed from office by those who does not wish the constituency well in 2019.

He said those who believed in the continued enslavement of people of Kebbi State were not comfortable with the kind of policy the former law maker was trying to adopt in the political arena of the state.

According to him the former law maker who was in to business before joining politics in 2015 was trying to change the political narratives in Kebbi state, a state where Youth were turned in to political thugs.

He maintained that political gladiators in Kebbi state were living witness of the performance of the former law maker who does not believe in sharing money to God fathers but rather using his influence to secure employment to sons and Daughters of his constituency.

“Before 2015 majority of Universities and Polytechnics graduates in Maiyama and Koko/Besse local Government have lost hope and forsaken their credentials to termites, ” says Ubandawaki.

“The former law maker granted scholarships to many indigenes to further their education who hitherto abandoned their studies due to hash economic conditions of their parents, ” he averred.

He said, all that he says about the former law maker is a true reflection of situation in Koko/Besse, Maiyama federal constituency for those who cares to find out and make judgment.

He charged people of the area to consider development rather than monetary grants from elected political office holders and those appointed on the Plater of Gold by God fathers to the detriment of future of their children.

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