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Young, committed individuals from around the world can now apply for SBW Berlin Scholarships to study at universities or complete an apprenticeship in Berlin.

Our selection criteria for our bachelor’s and master’s scholarships at a university or particular university of applied sciences in Berlin and Potsdam include the applicant’s academic standing, individual talent, and societal requirements. In general, funding is available for all fields of science and the arts.

In exceptional circumstances, the scholarship may pay for a Berlin or Potsdam vocational training program.

There are more scholarships available right now in many nations in Europe, the US, and Canada. Check out a few of the options listed below:

Summary of the Scholarship

Host Country: Germany
Europe is a good place to study abroad.
Undergraduate, graduate, and master’s scholarships are all included in this category.
All countries are eligible.
Full Scholarship as a reward
tuition costs
Annual Stipends for Housing: €6,600
travel funding
the year 2022 December 31

Scholarship information:

The SBW Berlin Scholarships help young, brilliant international applicants who have demonstrated a commitment to social responsibility through volunteer work in their home nations.

All scholarship recipients are assisted by SBW Berlin in achieving their career objectives back home. This is accomplished by networking with other organizations, SBW Berlin’s aid with focused job searches in the countries of the scholarship recipients, and the subsequent creation of job materials.

All generated social nonprofit projects should also have close ties to the nations where the scholarship recipients are from.

Conditions for Scholarships:

To be given a chance to win one of the SBW Berlin Scholarships, you must:

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age range of 18 to 30 years
Be professional or volunteer experience in the nonprofit sector
Have a firm desire to work for at least 18 months in their country of origin
being able to demonstrate a low net income
have no first-degree relatives who permanently reside in Germany
being able to demonstrate that they did not reside in Germany for more than 18 months prior to submitting the application
Obtain average grades that equal at least a 2.0 German grade point average.
submit an application before beginning their university studies, or when enrolled full-time in the first, second, or maximum third semester at a state-recognized institution (in Germany or abroad), or
submit an application for a master’s degree soon after or before receiving a bachelor’s degree.

Scholarship Length and Compensation

Depending on the typical length of study for the discipline you have chosen, the support will be given for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 48 months.

The essential living expenses of the scholarship recipients are paid for by SBW Berlin for the term of the scholarship (maximum financing period matches the usual period of study). Full scholarships come with:

a room in one of our shared student apartments in Berlin,
a cost-of-living allowance of €6,600 year,
tuition costs, and
perhaps even a travel allowance for getting to Berlin before classes begin and getting home once classes are over.

Essential Documents

Candidates must be prepared to submit the following paperwork in order to apply:

a request form (fillable PDF or online form)
motivational letter (one or two pages long)
updated information about the net household income from a curriculum vitae
a copy of the last diploma from a college or university, which includes the grade point average and a summary of the grades
a copy of the highest academic degree, such as a university or high school diploma, with the grade point average and a summary of the grades.
Copies of the following records should also be provided, if they are readily available:
eligibility for admission to the university in Berlin or Potsdam where you wish to (or are already enrolled) study
all previous work, training, apprenticeship, and internship certificates and references all already achieved university certificates and records of achievements (graded and ungraded). international recognized language certificate for the language in which your studies will be taught.
All applicants are encouraged to submit the following optional extra documents, which are not required:
a letter or two of recommendation from a professor, educator, employer, etc.
proof of the household’s net income

Approach to Application

The curriculum vitae, the motivation letter, and the applicant’s grades will all be taken into account during the preliminary round of the hiring process.

Each candidate who has been determined to be qualified will undergo a personal interview or video conference at the second stage of the selection process after all documents have been properly examined. The interview or video conference may also cover the planned social nonprofit endeavor.

Additionally, applicants must submit a project description that includes a thorough breakdown of the project’s social value, a timeline, individual work steps, estimates of any expenses, time estimates, and suggestions for funding the project.

Candidates who meet the requirements should click the button below.


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