2023: Yerima speaks of dumping ambition if APC zones presidency to South


2023: Yerima speaks of dumping ambition if APC zones presidency to South

Former governor of Zamfara State, Ahmed Yerima, has said he will step down his presidential ambition in 2023 if the ruling All Progressives Congress zones the ticket to the South.

Yerima said this while addressing reporters in Abuja on Sunday.

“Yes, I want to confirm to you that by the special grace of God, if I’m alive, I, Senator Ahmed Sani, intend to vie for presidential office.

“But, if tomorrow my party (APC) comes up saying the Presidency has been zoned to the South, I will follow it.

“I will then know that it is a decision legally and lawful that is binding on all members of the party,” Yerima was quoted by The Nation.

Asked if he would dump APC if the party favours a southern presidential candidate, Yerima said he is not all about moving from one party to another.

“I am a very religious person and as a Muslim, If God has not destined that I am going to be the President of Nigeria that will not happen.

“I’ve never left my party. I started with APP (All Peoples Party); we merged and became ANPP (All Nigerian Peoples Party).

“Later, we merged and became APC. So, I am a member of the ruling party and I am not in any way thinking of moving from my party to another party,” Yerima said.

He added that once zoning is confirmed for the presidency then that means his time is up.

“So, once there is zoning in APC, I know that my time is up. But I’m sure that God Himself will decide, not the people,” the former Governor.

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