50 Cent Calls Depression A ‘Luxury’, Says He ‘Can’t Afford To Be Depressed’


50 Cent Calls Depression A ‘Luxury’, Says He ‘Can’t Afford To Be Depressed’

50 Cent is giving his take on mental illness.

The rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, spoke on hip-hop radio show “Big Boy’s Neighborhood” about how depression wasn’t something locals from his neighbourhood could entertain.

“I think depression is a luxury. Where I’m from, you can’t afford to be depressed,” he began.

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Jackson hails from the South Jamaica neighbourhood of Queens, New York.

“You gotta pay the bills, right? So you gotta go to work,” he continued. “You gotta get up, gotta go do what you gotta do. You got people right now that’s at work that don’t feel like being there. But they got responsibilities.”

He acknowledged that there are people working with depression, but that a mental health crisis wasn’t something that should get in the way of work.

“When these guys get in a slump and they just decide they’re not gonna do anything — I’m like, ‘Where they do that at?’ ” he said. “I think the things you go through make you who you are.”

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