Aimer explores darkness and loss in “Deep down” music video


Aimer explores darkness and loss in

The music video for Aimer’s new song Deep down premiered on December 13, with a mini album by the same name released on December 14. The music video gives us a glimpse into an intriguing world of people who seem to be immersed in a virtual reality where they are with their loved ones, though in reality, those loved ones are no longer with them.

The music video is suited to the beautifully haunting song, which includes dark themes of pain, sorrow, and loss, tying it together with certain plot points within the TV anime Chainsaw Man. The song was written for the ending credits themes for the anime’s ninth episode.

The single was composed by Kazuma Nagasawa, who has composed other songs for Aimer in the past, however the lyrics can be credited to Aimer herself. In an interview with Billboard, Aimer says,

The episode I was offered to write the ending theme for was where “the story suddenly plunges into deep muddy waters”, and I was very honored that they thought I was the right person for the role. I wanted to create a song that symbolized the dark side of Chainsaw Man, which permeates the episode I wrote for, and would trace the deepest parts of the heart with both hands and go even deeper.

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The single Deep down became available for streaming on December 6, and is sure to join the ranks of her other hit songs.

Aimer is well-loved by the anime community, and has provided music for other fan favorites such as Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba). Her single Zankyosanka, which was used as the opening theme for the second season, topped Billboard Japan’s 2022 year-end Japan Hot 100 charts.

Visual for the “Deep down” mini album

The mini album Deep down will be available in three editions. The limited edition comes with a bonus DVD featuring music videos for Deep down, Oaiko, and wavy flow. The limited anime edition features a cover illustration from the Chainsaw Man series, and comes with a mini-poster illustration along with a bonus DVD featuring the music video for Deep down.

Chainsaw Man is one of the most anticipated anime of the year. It is based on the manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto and is animated by Studio MAPPA. The anime, which is currently airing, can be streamed internationally on Crunchyroll.

Main visual for anime Chainsaw Man.

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