APPLY: 2023 African youth in the Kofi Annan Global Health Leadership Program


APPLY: 2023 African youth in the Kofi Annan Global Health Leadership Program - Review Mr.

Aspiring public health leaders from Africa are supported by the Kofi Annan Global Health Leadership Program in developing advanced skills and competencies to plan, implement, and oversee public health initiatives that will revolutionize public health in Africa.

Following approval by the Governing Board of the Africa CDC in March 2018, the African Union Commission and the Kofi Annan Foundation jointly launched the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) – Kofi Annan Global Health Leadership Program on May 25, 2020.

Fellows accepted into the program will be senior public health professionals from African Union Member States who will assist in and oversee the implementation of a new public health order for Africa. They will also serve as mentors and educators for the continent’s future public health leaders.

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Summary of the Award

Sponsor: African Union (AU)
Studying abroad includes going to the United States, Canada, the United
Kingdom, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa.
Fellowships and Postgraduate Scholarships
All nations in Africa are eligible.
Airline tickets and a full scholarship are available;
the deadline is January 15, 2023.

Scholarship Information:

The first cohort of the Fellowship program, which began on April 7, 2021, included a total of 20 fellows from 14 different nations.

From more than 3000 submissions, the Fellowship chose 20 ADDITIONAL fellows from 17 different countries for the second cohort in 2022. The third cohort of the fellowship program is presently taking applications, with a 15 January 2023 deadline for submissions and a May 2023 start date for the fellowship.

Conditions for Scholarships:

For the Scholarship to be given to you, you must:

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Be residents of an African Union member country;
Have a postgraduate degree in a discipline of public health that is applicable;
possess pertinent professional expertise in any area related to public health, including but not restricted to one or more of the following: medicine, finance, health economics, health policy, animal health, or environmental health;
be employed full-time in any aspect of public health in an African private or public institution;
have a solid track record or be able to show that they have the capacity to lead in public health in situations where they can improve population outcomes.

Aim of the Scholarship and its Duration:

In order to design, manage, and lead public health initiatives that will revolutionize public health in Africa, ambitious Public Health Leaders (Fellows) from Africa are supported in acquiring advanced skills and competencies.


Africa CDC will cover all expenses related to the fellowship, including airfare, daily allowances, and insurance during the residential assignments. They will also provide all educational and development resources.
Fellows will receive assistance in obtaining the necessary software for online education.

Essential Documents

Candidates must be prepared to submit the following paperwork in order to apply:

a letter of support from the candidate’s employer attesting to their continued employment and assuring them that they will have adequate time to attend the entire eight-week institutional residential experience and take part in the Fellowship program.
two letters of recommendation from competent professionals in your field.
a 400-word maximum personal statement outlining the following and demonstrating the candidate’s dedication to public health in Africa
Their professional accomplishments and record of leadership
Their goal for successful public health leadership in Africa and its potential effects
How they might support African public health projects
A 400-word maximum proposal for a leadership challenge project outlining a prospective initiative they might undertake.
The proposal must have a title, a succinct explanation of the problem (including the what, who is affected, and why), a suggested course of action, and an anticipated result.

Approach to Application

Candidates that are qualified should apply by clicking the link below.


Successful candidates will be notified by March 31, 2023.
On May 1, 2023, the fellowship will begin.


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