Arteta Urges Aubameyang To Stop Overthinking Goal Drought


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Club Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta believes Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is overthinking his goal drought and has called on the rest of his squad to help lighten the captain’s load.

“Sometimes it is how much you think and with natural strikers, like Auba, it comes in a natural way,” he replied when asked if a drop in confidence may have been a contributing factor to Aubameyang’s poor form.

“He doesn’t need to think, the action is there and he makes the choice in the right moment, with the right foot and plays the ball into where it needs to be.

“Sometimes when you are in this sort of spell, you overthink a little bit. So you have to let that flow go because, in the end, this is something he has done in his whole career.

“There is nothing we have to teach him to do differently to what he has done in the past.”

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“Individually, we are doing a lot of work – to see where he scores his goals, how he gets them provided, the areas he needs to attack, and the type of finishes he is efficient with,” added the Spaniard.

“But when you have a player in that type of spell, you need other players to step up for him. Then that process becomes much easier.

“The problem is when we have two, three, or four players in the same way then it becomes unattainable.

“So you need someone in there to help him and someone there to step in and do the job for him. Then things come more naturally because the pressure is not as big.”

Arteta’s side are without a league win of any kind since a 1-0 victory at Manchester United on November 1, a game decided by an Aubameyang penalty. That remains just his second league goal of the campaign, the other, and only strike from open play, coming in a win at Fulham on the first weekend of the season.

Will things lookup?

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