Britney Spears Returns To Instagram, Insists She’s ‘Not Having A Breakdown’


Britney Spears Returns To Instagram, Insists She’s ‘Not Having A Breakdown’

Britney Spears is back on Instagram after previously deleting it.

The singer shared a photo of a frozen rose, assuring fans that she wasn’t having a “breakdown” despite rumours.

Spears posted, “Since everyone thinks they know my story. THINK AGAIN !!! A mere side of any given SUNDAY doesn’t show worship placing someones story out there … it’s a day of WELCOMING … not a righteous reply !!!

“It is what it is … nope I’m not having a breakdown … I am who I am and moving forward in my life. I have never felt better !!!

Referencing her new Instagram identity, Spears went on, “Nope, I’m not this girl or that girl … I am River Red … and being able to volumize my voice in a world where I lost my rights … for 15 years … gives me an opportunity to succeed !!! Opportunity to know I matter and maybe if you walked in my shoes, then maybe just maybe you could understand.

“Still learning this no rules thing … I don’t think so limited … I feel younger and in awe … unfortunately I’m boring as hell and drink hot chocolate at night !!!”

The hitmaker also spoke about disliking alcohol, writing: “I’ve waited nearly 15 years to drink alcohol only to realize I hate it !!! It makes me sad and I feel bloated, although food tastes better … Stay blessed and driven … SIT DOWN AND STAY HUMBLE … Nahhh, I’d rather show my ass !!!

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“PS yes I took my Instagram down and now it’s back up because I can !!!”

She then posted her first video using a ring light:

Spears’ latest posts come after she took to Twitter to address claims that police were called to her home.

She posted:

The invasion of privacy came just a couple of weeks after a patron recorded the star during a restaurant outing with her husband, Sam Asghari. False headlines spread claiming that the pop superstar got into a heated public exchange with her new husband, something Asghari has seemingly since denied.

He posted on his Instagram Story earlier this month: “Don’t believe what you read online people.”

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