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Cardi B, Travis Scott & Chris Brown To Headline First Ever Rolling Loud Thailand Festival

Your favorite stars Cardi B, Chris Brown and Travis Scott have been named the headliners respectively for the three-day festival on a gorgeous beachside location. With artists including American rapper Soulja Boy, South Korean singer-songwriter Bibi (known for her single “Weekend”), UrboyTJ, and F.Hero, Cardi B will take the lead on the opening day. Along with fellow Americans Fat Joe and Rick Ross, Chris Brown will dominate the second day, while Twopee Southside and Youngohm will represent Thailand. Offset, Jay Park,…

Drake, Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz Give Surprise Performances At Miami’s Club LIV

Drake, Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz turned Miami’s Club LIV into an unexpected Young Money concert on Sunday night. On Jan. 29, Lil Wayne, Drake, and 2 Chainz all wielded their talents on stage to celebrate the birthday of DJ Stevie J. Drake was already in high spirits after earning a big payday while betting on the Philadelphia Eagles during Sunday night’s football game. The 36-year-old Canadian rapper’s excitement was palpable as he joined Wayne during his performance of “Steady Mobbin” and 2 Chainz during “Watch Out”.…

[Album] BAND JA NAIMON! MAXX NAKAYOSHI – Kanpeki Shugi na Sekai ni Fukanzen na Ongaku wo 2

BAND JA NAIMON! MAXX NAKAYOSHI – Kanpeki Shugi na Sekai ni Fukanzen na Ongaku wo 2 バンドじゃないもん!MAXX NAKAYOSHI – 完ペキ主義なセカイにふかんぜんな音楽を2 Audio Format: MP3 320kbps / RAR Release Date: 2023.01.31 Tracklist: 1. 極仲良的旅-SE- 2. おとどけ♡ラブピッツァリア! 3. マウンティングガール 4. 新世紀ダンスホール交信曲 5. そーにゃん節 6. SARABADANCE 7. 「卍蛮者卍ラプソディ~全海統一伝説~」 8. こちら、最前線…?♡ 9. ランラン♡ラブラブ♡ウェディング♡ソング 10. 愛わずらい 11. きっと、最後の 12. 最高の日常 13. みにくいままのあひるの子

[Album] Devil ANTHEM. – ADVANCE

Devil ANTHEM. – ADVANCE Audio Format: MP3 320kbps / RAR Release Date: 2023.01.31 Tracklist: 1. Sound Effect 2. LOVE〜極〜 3. そわそわチョコレート 4. Fantastic90 5. Club City 6. ソノサキ 7. Bluesy Bless 8. ADVANCE 9. Reflect Winter 10. by your side 11. ONE DAY 12. 不確かな未来

Grammys 2023: Harry Styles To Perform, Fans Can’t Keep Calm

The 2023 Grammys just added an exciting new addition to their lineup. Harry Styles is set to take the stage to perform at the upcoming ceremony, with the news being announced during Sunday’s AFC Championship game. Styles also shared the CBS teaser that aired on Instagram, which, unsurprisingly, got fans excited. One person gushed, “Ok so I’m gonna cry,” as a second shared, “CANNOT WAIT TO SEE HIS OUTFIT FOR THIS ONE IT’S GONNA SLAY YOU JUST KNOW.” A third added, “Come on Harry we want to see you win those Grammys.”…

Motown’s Barrett Strong, Known For ‘Money,’ Dies At 81

Barrett Strong, one of Motown‘s founding artists and most gifted songwriters who sang lead on the company’s breakthrough single “Money (That’s What I Want)” and later collaborated with Norman Whitfield on such classics as “I Heard It Through the Grapevine,” “War” and “Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone,” has died. He was 81. His death was announced Sunday on social media by the Motown Museum, which did not immediately provide further details. “Barrett was not only a great singer and piano player, but he, along with his writing…

Drake Celebrates Mom Sandi Graham’s 75th Birthday With Son Adonis

Drake is paying tribute to his mother on her milestone 75th birthday. On Saturday, Jan. 28, the “God’s Plan” rapper shared several photos on Instagram to mark the occasion. “75 years Thank you mom for the 9 months you carried me through… all the pain and suffering. No one knows the pressure you carry but you…love to you,” he wrote, signing off with “Kalonji.” Accompanying the caption are a trio of photos, with the first featuring Drake’s five-year-old son Adonis helping his grandmother blow out the candles on her…

[Single] Cho Tokimeki Sendenbu – Zettaidayo

Cho Tokimeki Sendenbu – Zettaidayo 超ときめき♡宣伝部 – ゼッタイだよ Audio Format: MP3 320kbps / RAR Release Date: 2023.01.30 Tracklist: 1. ゼッタイだよ 2. SUKI! English ver. 3. SUKI! Korean ver. 4. ゼッタイだよ (Live at Nakano Sunplaza 2022/12/25) 5. ゼッタイだよ (instrumental)

[Album] Uru – Contrast (Special Edition)

Uru – コントラスト (Special Edition) Audio Format: MP3 320kbps / RAR Release Date: 2023.01.30 Tracklist: 1. それを愛と呼ぶなら 2. そばにいるよ 3. 恋 4. ランドマーク 5. Love Song 6. ポジティ部入部 7. セレナーデ 8. Break 9. 無機質 10. 脱・借りてきた猫症候群 11. ハクセキレイ 12. ファーストラヴ 13. 振り子 14. 再会 Self-cover ver. 15. ドライフラワー 16. 奏(かなで)

[Single] On Prism Records – minato note

On Prism Records – minato note Audio Format: MP3 320kbps / RAR Release Date: 2022.12.30 Tracklist: 1. 水中イノセントベール / irucaice feat. 双葉湊音 2. 空中アスピレーション / 市瀬るぽ feat. 双葉湊音 3. リーフブリーズ / Twinfield feat. 双葉湊音 4. My story / Your story / Tanchiky feat. 双葉湊音

[Album] Riu Domura – Yakei

Riu Domura – Yakei / Night View 堂村璃羽 – 夜景 Audio Format: MP3 320kbps / RAR Release Date: 2023.01.30 Tracklist: 1. Prima Stella 2. Romantic 3. 長年付き合っていた恋人と別れる歌 4. 君が愛を知りたいと言ったから 5. Memory 6. Sorry 7. 共依存 (Remix) 8. 溺れ愛 (Remix) 9. 未練 (Remix) 10. いつか出会う君へ (Remix)

Elle King Dishes On New Album ‘Come Get Your Wife’ And Her Country Music Mom Group Chat (Exclusive)

Elle King is ready to unleash her new music! The singer released her third studio album, Come Get Your Wife, on Friday, and recently opened up to ET’s Rachel Smith all about her new music and life on the road as a new mom. “I run my mouth a lot,” King said with a laugh, by way of explaining the album’s title. “I’ve had, you know, 12, 13 years of touring experience, knowing how to make jokes and poke fun at guys. I’m learning how to kind of reel it in… I am either very awkward, or sometimes a joke will land and sometimes…

Katharine McPhee On Whether She’d Like To Have More Babies With Husband David Foster

Having welcomed her first child with husband David Foster, what does Katharine McPhee think about having more? McPhee discussed the topic during her Friday appearance on “The Jennifer Hudson Show”, telling fellow “American Idol” alum Jennifer Hudson that she’d love to expand her family. “I would love to have another baby, but we’ll see,” divulged McPhee, who gave birth to the couple’s 23-month-old son in 2020. “We’re not in any crazy rush, but I hope so,” McPhee shared. “I love being a mom, I really love it,” she…

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