Chris Hemsworth And Director Darren Aronofsky May Collab On A Screenplay Together


Chris Hemsworth And Director Darren Aronofsky May Collab On A Screenplay Together

Controversial director Darren Aronofsky may work with Marvel’s Chris Hemsworth on a scripted feature together according to an exclusive interview with Variety.

The two have already recently collaborated together on the Disney+ docuseries “Limitless,” which follows the Thor star as pushes himself to his physical and mental limits. The extreme physical challenges include diving into ice and climbing skyscrapers, which is all done by Hemsworth better understand the process of aging.

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Given that all of the extremities are shot with Aronofsky’s bold editing style, the show is quite the visual experience.

While speaking with Variety about his friendship with Hemsworth, director Aronofsky said, “I love him and I think he loves me,” while laughing. “I think he’s a great human being and a gentleman and a great parent. He’s really an inspiration to me. And so I would love to work with him again. We’re trying to find the right piece.”

Aronofsky, who is the man behind the brooding films “Black Swan” and “Requiem for a Dream,” is known to be one of the most unconventional directors in Hollywood. Hemsworth breaking away from his Marvel movies to star in something more subversive would be quite interesting to watch.

While Aronofsky doesn’t seem to want to make the next instalment for “Thor,” the director has revealed with Variety that he has voiced interest in wanting to director a more R-rated version of Batman and Wolverine in the early aughts.

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