David Crosby Gave Drew Barrymore A ‘Safe Place’ To Live As She Overcame Drug Addiction At Age 14 


David Crosby Gave Drew Barrymore A ‘Safe Place’ To Live As She Overcame Drug Addiction At Age 14

Drew Barrymore’s friendship with the late David Crosby is gaining attention following the rocker’s death on Thursday.

A 2021 interview of Crosby has resurfaced, in which he opens up about taking in Barrymore when she was 14-years-old after he and his wife Jan Dance met the teenage actress at a treatment centre.

During his then appearance on “The Howard Stern Show”, Crosby, who frequently spoke out about overcoming addiction, detailed how he and Dance initially met the “Poison Ivy” star before welcoming her under their roof.

“We knew her because we were in recovery at that time. We were going to meetings probably three times a week and totally sober,” Crosby explained. “She was in a facility that was run by a friend of ours, and they said, ‘Oh, s**t. Her insurance is going to run out. We’re going to have to kick her out. And she’s not ready. She needs a safe place to go.’”

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Crosby and Dance decided to look after Barrymore and gave her a place to stay. At the time, the actress who is candid about her troubled past with addiction, which began when she was just 12-years-old, had won emancipation from her parents and ended up living with the musician and his family for two months.

“We took her to school in the morning and tried to be a good influence. I think we were kind and loving, and it felt good to do,” Crosby told Stern. “You try to do stuff, and you’re not sure how it’s going to work out. I think that one worked. I think she became a responsible human being and is a nice person.”

In Barrymore’s 1990 autobiography Little Girl Lost, she spoke fondly about Crosby’s impact on her childhood.

“Crosby. David, and his wife Jan, both of who were close friends of my therapist, Betty, acted as an invaluable support team to me, like surrogate parents,” she wrote. “They were always there for me.”

“I cried my heart out to David,” she went on to express in the book.

Barrymore has yet to speak out on Crosby’s death.

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