ELLEGARDEN gets back to business with 2023 Japan tour


ELLEGARDEN gets back to business with 2023 Japan tour

Pop punk underdogs ELLEGARDEN announced The End of Yesterday tour to celebrate the long-awaited release of their titular reunion album. Hot off the heels of the Lost Songs tour in late 2022, the band confirmed a whopping 36 stops at mid-to-large capacity venues across Japan and promised to reveal even more on official social media platforms. The End of Yesterday tour kicks off on March 5 in Chiba, Japan.

Cover art for the album “The End of Yesterday” by ELLEGARDEN

ELLEGARDEN’s catchy SoCal-inspired grooves catapulted the scrappy foursome into an indie label sensation over the course of five studio albums. At the height of their popularity in 2006, ELLEGARDEN abruptly declared an indefinite hiatus, much to the dismay of fans worldwide.

Last fall’s digital singles Mountain Top and Strawberry Margarita marked the triumphant return of one of Japan’s most illustrious punk rock dynamos with their first release in 16 years. Guitarist-vocalist Takeshi Hosomi penned both songs during the months he poured into writing the album The End of Yesterday at his private studio in Los Angeles.

Along with its two lead singles, The End of Yesterday represents ELLEGARDEN’s most sentimental and emotionally dynamic compositions, redirecting some of its once jovial compulsion toward themes of reflection and introspection. Throughout the 11 blistering tracks, Hosomi looks back at his brasher and ever so slightly glass-hearted younger self with a touch of nostalgia, gratitude, and melancholy.

Original founding members Shinichi Ubukata (lead guitar), Yuichi Takada (bass), and Hirotaka Takahashi (drums) rejoin Hosomi and complete ELLEGARDEN’s older, wiser soundscapes.

Current schedule for The End of Yesterday Tour 2023

Which songs from The End of Yesterday are JROCK NEWS readers most excited to hear? And where else would you like ELLEGARDEN to tour in 2023? Let us know in the comments below!

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