Euro 2020 format ‘unfair’, won’t be repeated – UEFA president, Ceferin


Euro 2020 format 'unfair', won't be repeated - UEFA president, Ceferin

UEFA president, Aleksander Ceferin, has made it clear he would not support another pan-continental tournament like Euro 2020.

Ceferin cited the big differences in the distances that teams and fans have had to travel.

This year’s tournament has been held in 11 host cities in total.

The idea was originally championed by Ceferin’s predecessor, Michel Platini.

However, Ceferin feels he would no longer support a continent-wide tournament on the basis that it has been “too challenging” for players and supporters.

“I would not support it anymore. In a way, it is not correct that some teams have to travel more than 10,000km while others have to only travel 1,000km.

“It is not fair to fans, who had to be in Rome one day and in Baku over the next few days, which is a four and a half hour flight.

“We had to travel a lot, into countries with different jurisdictions, different currencies, countries in the European Union and Non-EU, so it was not easy.

“It was a format that was decided before I came and I respect it. It is an interesting idea but it is hard to implement and I don’t think we will do it again,” he told BBC Sport.

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