Exclusive: ReoNa outlines “Numb”, a song fully sung in English


Exclusive: ReoNa outlines

ReoNa recently released a lyric video for the song Numb which surprised us greatly with her flawless English pronunciation. The track is taken off her newest single Alive which came out on December 7—around the same time her upcoming album HUMAN was announced, which you can read more about in our previous coverage.

Numb is a gentle and soothing work composed by rui from the rock band “fade”. The arrangement was however a collaborative process between rui, and Daniel James and James Jordan from the Australian production team, Dreamlab.

Notably, ReoNa sung the song entirely in English, with lyrics penned by producer, songwriter, and singer Leah Haywood of Dreamlab.

We connected with ReoNa to get a comment surrounding the experience and development behind Numb.

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“Numb” is a song about self-disappointment leading to self-hatred, based on what sounds like an internal discussion with myself in my mind, and heart.

Because the world depicted in this song can be directly understood thanks to the lyrics being written in English, each word was carefully selected.

The composer rui taught me English and has recorded the song while the lyricist Leah, lent her voice for the chorus.
While soft and warm, her voice contrasts with the coldness and loneliness expressed through the lyrics, please pay close attention to that.

The lyric video features aesthetic visuals of ReoNa in slow motion just floating and swimming underwater. Excerpts of these images can also be found in the music video for Alive.

The single Alive is featured as the opening theme for the TV anime “Arknights: PRELUDE TO DAWN”, adapted from the popular tower defense mobile game “Arknights”, a game developed by Chinese developer Hypergryph.

The music video for Alive was released in November, following the premiere of the anime. Interestingly, the music video also received a Chinese dubbed version, with it being labeled “Monster Siren Records” (MSR). For those who aren’t familiar with MSR, it is a record label within the world of Arknights, and at the same time, an actual record label where Arknights music is released under. You can find the Chinese version of Alive only as a digital download, as it is not included in the physical release.

“Alive” music video

“Alive (Monster Siren Records)” music video

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