Fim Kannywood Whoever Divorces A Woman In A Movie Divorces His Wife – Dr Bashir Umar


Please Read This Carefully Because Its Very Important To You All Muslim, Both Male And Females.

Sheikh Bashir Aliyu Umar Alfuqan, one of the leading Islamic scholars in Kano, spoke about divorce in a movie.

Dr. Bashir Alfurqan, said that any actor who confesses to his pregnant wife in a film is divorced by his wife.

The Grand Sheikh said there is no play in divorce, if you divorce again in the play, then surely your wife has divorced there is no doubt about that.

Bashir Aliyu confirmed this while delivering a lecture at the Alfurqan Mosque, contained in a video by the Democracy newspaper.

If you don’t forget that the film industry like Kannywwod, they make films and sometimes even get married and get divorced, then Malam says there is no such thing in Islam, whoever divorces his wife through a film, then his wife made by sunnah marriage to wear.

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May God Reward You.

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