Frank Ocean Hints At New Album On Merch Posters


Frank Ocean Hints At New Album On Merch Posters

Is Frank Ocean hinting at a new album?

Some admirers of Frank Ocean think the musician has hinted at a future album. Online images of text-filled posters for a Blonded goods sale have gone viral.

“In the summer of 2019, Blonded produced a photo series shot on Thursday, Aug. 8, 2019 by photographer Michael Marcelle,” the statement read. “The photo series follows the story of a fictitious Recording Artist as he navigates the radio system. In one scene the actor Jeremy Strong plays a Chairman of a major record label. On the walls: a clock, two framed records. The Chairman is flanked by another figure. Both are dressed in suits, wearing ties, and are positioned behind a long boardroom table. They are opposite a shadowed figure in the foreground—the Recording Artist—whose subjectivity the viewer is to inhabit.”

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“The Recording Artist has since changed his mind about the singles model and is again more interested in durational bodies of work,” read part of the merch note.

One day after Ocean debuted his “Endless” video album, “Blonde” became an Apple Music exclusive. Additionally, upon its debut in 2012, the Grammy-winning film “Channel Orange” became a commercial and critical triumph.

Since “Blonde” in 2016, Frank Ocean has not released a full-length album. The native of New Orleans did release stand-alone songs during that period, including “Chanel,” “Biking,” and “In My Room.”

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