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German Masters Scholarships for International Students in 2023 - Review Mr.


The DAAD Masters Scholarships for interested and qualified students to study in Germany are now accepting applications.

Selected candidates will receive a €10,332 yearly stipend from the DAAD Masters Scholarships in addition to monthly payments for housing, health care, and travel costs.

The scholarship grants a one-time study stipend of €460 and a monthly payment for accompanying family members in addition to the free tuition provided by all public universities in Germany.

Other scholarships in the US, Germany, UK, and Canada provide full scholarships as well as monthly stipends. Here are some recommendations that you ought to look into:

Research Summary

Germany is the host nation.
Europe is a good place to study abroad.
Category: Masters and Postgraduate Scholarships
All countries are eligible.
Full Scholarship as a reward
Tuition-free s€10,792 Annual Salary
Travel Charges
the 31st of August 2022

Scholarship information:

The DAAD Masters scholarship program gives you the chance to continue your education in Germany by enrolling in a postgraduate program.

If you have earned your first degree (such as a bachelor’s or diploma) by the start of the financing term, you are eligible to apply.

The following criteria must be met in order for your application to be considered for the DAAD Masters Scholarship:

When applying, you should have a degree from a university that is no older than six years.
You must have received an admissions offer from a German university. A DAAD scholarship award letter is only valid if you have been granted admission to study at the host university of your choice.
If the degree program calls for a multi-month study or work abroad component, funding is often only provided under the following circumstances:
The study tour, which does not take place in the home country, is crucial for achieving the scholarship goal. and it only lasts for around one-fourth of the scholarship time. Financing for longer times is not possible, not even in part.
If you had been a resident of Germany for more than 15 months at the time of the application deadline, your application could not be taken into consideration.

Scholarship Length and Compensation

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861 euros per month in scholarship payments
payments for personal liability, health, and accident insurance
travel funding
One-time study allowance (for all other countries, the award is € 260; if you are from a DAC nation, you will receive a fixed rate of € 460)

The following extra advantages are possible for scholarship recipients in specific situations:

monthly rent assistance
Monthly stipend for accompanying family members. Please read Section F, Point 3 of our Important Information for Scholarship Applicants.
In the event of a handicap or chronic sickness, financial assistance for supplemental expenses brought on by the condition that are not covered by other sources of financing additional information

The DAAD provides the following advantages to help you advance your language abilities in preparation for your stay in Germany:

After receiving the scholarship award letter, if necessary, you must pay the tuition for an online language course:

The DAAD determines whether to sponsor participation and for how long based on German language proficiency and project. German language course (2, 4 or 6 months) before the commencement of the study tour in Germany.
If the study program is offered in German, taking the language course is a requirement. German lessons may be taken online due to the pandemic.
stipend to be used during the scholarship year for a German language course of one’s choosing.
Please be aware that because tuition is free at all German public universities, the DAAD does not cover university fees.

Essential Documents

Candidates must be prepared to submit the following paperwork in order to apply:

application form online
comprehensive curriculum vitae in tabular format (max. 3 pages)
a statement outlining the academic and non-academic motivations for the intended study project in Germany (letter of motivation; 1 – 3 pages).
Please read Section B, Point 1 of our critical information for scholarship applicants.
Admission letter to the academic program at the German host institution.
You must submit this before the financing term starts if, at the time of application, you have not yet received news of admission.
You must fill out the form titled “Information about your desired master programs” if you intend to pursue a second degree or a master’s program in Germany.
You must provide evidence that credits earned in Germany will be accepted by your home university if you intend to spend time studying there as part of a second or Master’s degree program abroad.
current grade report or transcript of records, each graded separately
University diploma showing the final grade(s):
If you have not yet finished your program at the time of application, the certificate must be later submitted by the time funding begins.
Evidence of proficiency in the language(s) used for instruction in the study program of choice (should be no older than 2 years).
Even if the university does not require proof of language proficiency, kindly submit certificates via the DAAD portal.
Additional files you believe may be relevant to your application (e.g. certificates of employment, proof of extracurricular engagementt)
a copy of an identification document with your photo, full name, date of birth, and country of origin (such as a passport, ID card, driver’s license, or student identity card).
(Please remember that you must have a passport or other official travel document at the very least when applying for a visa.)
The school leaving certificate must be uploaded to the portal under “University entry qualification” and include each student’s specific grades.
proof of language proficiency that was not more than two years old at the time of the application deadline (for English: TOEFL iBT minimum score of 79, IELTS minimum score of 6.5);
Additionally approved are the TOEFL Home Edition and IELTS Indicator (online tests).
translations of documents filed in the national language into German or English (to be uploaded with the corresponding documents)
Grazing system explanation (should be uploaded in the portal under “University degree certificates”)
All university transcripts for all annual exams, including grading explanations and individual grades.
Please submit documents in your native language together with translations into German or English.

One current letter of recommendation from a university professor outlining your credentials must be sent by mail (hand-signed, no digital or scanned signature). Please follow the guidelines listed under the “Submitting an application” link.

Approach to Application

The DAAD site is used for the online application process.
Please be aware that the application portal access is only available while the current application period is open. The portal for this program is unavailable after the application deadline has passed until the following application session.

Use the APPLY button below to start your application and read more about the scholarship if you are interested and qualified.


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