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Government of Qatar Scholarships for International Students in 2023 - Review Mr.

The State of Qatar Scholarship is a nomination for financial aid at the Religious Institute of the State of Qatar’s Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs.

One of the significant ministries in the State of Qatar that implements Islam as a way of life and a school of thought is the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs.

In order to ensure the comfort of Muslims, citizens, and residents, it is concerned with the affairs of Muslims from the pulpits of mosques, in the places where Muslims call out to God, and in the management, maintenance, and monitoring of God’s houses.

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Summary of the Scholarship

Host Country: Qatar
Studying abroad in Asia
Category: Undergraduate Scholarships | Secondary School Scholarships
All countries are eligible.
Reward: Full Scholarship, Housing, Flights, and Monthly Stipend
the year 2022 December 31

Take note of the following requirements if you want to be considered for the scholarship:

No application received after this date will be taken into consideration.

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The registration period for scholarship students starts in September and closes at the end of December each year.
The applicant for the scholarship must be a Muslim who is fluent in reading, writing, and speaking Arabic. He or she must also be one of the top students, with a grade point average of at least 80%, and the certificates must be authenticated by the appropriate authorities.
English is the foreign language that the student studies according to the religious vow, hence the scholarship applicant has studied it.
In accordance with the established age restrictions set by the Ministry of Education in the State of Qatar, scholarships are available at the religious institute during the preparatory and secondary levels (Attachment 1).
Men only are eligible for grants.

Scholarship Length and Compensation

Scholarship recipients will get an annual round-trip ticket in economy class to travel home for the summer.
Throughout the academic year, the student is provided monthly pocket money with the following value:
350 riyals were used for the initial step.
For the secondary stage, 400 riyals
If the student achieves an average of 90% or more, the student is awarded an additional 100 riyals as a reward for distinction. This award lasts until the next exam and is decided in. This incentive will last through the conclusion of the academic year if the student’s average drops below 90%.
The three meals are given to the student in full while they live in the dormitory.
provides pupils with transportation to and from school.
Free books and stationery are provided for students who need them, and once a year during the International Book Fair, students get a book allowance equal to one full month’s wage.
Throughout the duration of his scholarship, the Ministry covers all of the student’s medical and treatment costs.
The Ministry covers all costs associated with providing official documents (such as residence, renewal, health cards, etc). (religious – academic – social – cultural – sports – and others).

Essential Documents

A certificate of good behavior that has been attested by the official authorities in the applicant’s nation is required.
submitting a government-issued certificate that has been endorsed by the relevant authorities in the student’s nation and certifies that the student is clear of infectious and communicable diseases.
a letter of recommendation from a representative of the student’s government, including the entire address.
completing a scholarship application form in Arabic and stamping it with the candidate’s nominating organization’s seal to attend religious institute schools in the State of Qatar.
The original certificate of the student’s highest educational degree, with a list of the subjects he studied, along with his primary or preparatory stage certificate, as well as the certificate of success in the last academic grade in which the student succeeded in the other grades, and certification of this certificate from the ministries of education, foreign affairs, and the embassy of the State of Qatar, or any other Gulf or Arab state
a certified copy of the birth certificate or the original
a certified copy of the applicant’s passport, which must be valid for at least three years, be issued by the country from which the applicant is being nominated, not be a temporary passport, and include the applicant’s name, date of birth, and place of birth. It must also be in compliance with other documents that are attached to the application, such as birth certificates and academic transcripts.
According to the admission controls, scholarship applications that do not contain the necessary information and documentation are rejected. Any application has the power to ban a candidate and take action if it finds evidence of data fabrication or manipulation. official.
If the address listed on the grant application form is erroneous, the Ministry of Awqaf will not be held liable for the loss of official documents.

Approach to Application

Candidates that are qualified should apply by clicking the link below.

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