Grimes Delays New Album, Says Music Career Is Her ‘Side Quest’ Now


Grimes Delays New Album, Says Music Career Is Her ‘Side Quest’ Now

Grimes has disclosed the reason for the lengthy wait for the follow-up to her most recent album, “Miss Anthropocene”.

The main causes of the delay, according to Grimes, have been small legal concerns and the unwanted attention that comes with releasing new music.

The Canadian musician has assured fans on Twitter that the record, titled BOOK1, will still be released and has appealed for their patience as she works out the logistics.

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What’s more, Grimes says music is now her “side quest,” noting that she is enjoying the reduced pressure that comes with taking a step back from putting out songs.

She tweeted, “I’ll always release music but if it hasn’t been clear ; music is my side quest now. Tbh reduced pressure x increased freedom = prob more music just ideally ‘Low key. I’ll always do my best to entertain whilst depleting my literal reputation I hope that’s ok I love y’all.”

The tweets come after Grimes slammed journalists who were trying to “doxx” her and her kids in order to get at her ex-partner, Elon Musk, in a previous tweet a few months ago. Since then, Grimes has spoken up about the difficulties associated with celebrity and popularity as well as the impact it has on her family.

Grimes’ fifth studio album was released in 2020.

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