Hardy Opens Up About How A Serious Bus Crash Gave Him ‘New Perspective’ On Life: ‘It Was Very Emotional’


Hardy Opens Up About How A Serious Bus Crash Gave Him ‘New Perspective’ On Life: ‘It Was Very Emotional’

Hardy has a lot to be thankful for.

In an interview with ET Canada’s Carlos Bustamante, the country star opened up about the horrific bus crash he survived in October of last year, just weeks before his wedding to Caleigh Ryan.

Yeah, it was very emotional, man,” Hardy said. “The second that I had the wreck, the second that I crawled out of the bus and was trying to flag somebody down, and I was like, you know, bleeding out of my head. At the time, I didn’t know if I was hurt, like it was crazy. And all I could think about was that I had to make it to the wedding.”

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He continued, “I was like, I’m getting married this month and I have to live. I have to do whatever I can to be able to make it to the wedding … It honestly was a blessing for a lot of reasons. But it made that wedding five times more special because of that, and because of thinking that there was a chance that I would never get to see that day. So it was really emotional but really special.”

Hardy sustained “significant injuries” in the crash, but luckily, not only did he survive, so did all three others on the bus with him made it out, too.

Looking back at how the crash affected him, the musician said, “Man. Everybody surviving. I think the biggest takeaway that I’ve had so far is that I have never been more reassured by God or whatever anybody wants to believe in. For me, it’s God, that I’m supposed to be here and I’m supposed to be doing music, because I wasn’t taken away that night.”

He continued, “There’s times where you don’t feel like you’re living the dream and everything gets a little stale and you get, you know, frustrated with your life. Believe it or not, it happens to everybody as cool as the life seems. And it can just get monotonous at times. And that just put a big perspective on, you know, if I was dead or if I would have been hurt or severely hurt and never got to do it again, then that would have been horrible, and that the grass is always greener.”

Hardy added, “I’m just thankful that it gave a new perspective on how thankful I am to be here, and to be able to perform and write and sing and all that stuff.”

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