Important News Why FG Must Implement Nexit Plan Now 


As Early Today Pressloaded Receive Mail News That, Discussing Why FG must Implement Nexit opportunities now after months since the launch of Nexit Scheme for the Exited Npower batches A and B Volunteers.
The silence from the management regarding Implementation is becoming unbearable and the Applicants are beginning to get frustrated from the look of things. 

The Prospective Nexit Beneficiaries has taken to social media to demand immediate Implementation of the nexit plan because it is long overdue.

According to them, they have chosen to be a law-abiding citizen who wants to engage in legally venture to grow the economy of Nigeria rather than going into crime.

It is obvious that many of them are now above the employability age while serving as Npower Volunteers and now expecting Next opportunities as their last resort of getting help to becoming self-reliant.

They are now calling on the federal government to kickstart the Nexit Scheme because most of them quit their job to join Npower Programme. And now that they have been disengaged from the Programme, they are left with nothing. So they are calling for immediate Implementation of the Nexit opportunities options to enable them to stay away from crime.

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