International Students Can Apply for BI Presidential Scholarships


International Students Can Apply for BI Presidential Scholarships to Study in Norway - Review Mr.


Scholarships from the BI Norwegian Business School are given to pupils with outstanding grades.

Norwegian and international applicants accepted into any MSc program at campus Oslo or campus Bergen are eligible for this award.

There are more scholarships available right now in many nations in Europe, the US, and Canada. Check out a few of the options listed below:

Scholarship Summary

Norway is the host country for the scholarship.
Europe is a good place to study abroad.
Category: Masters and Postgraduate Scholarships
All countries are eligible.
Full Scholarship as a reward
the first day of March 2023

Scholarship Information:

BI The largest business school in Norway and the second-largest in all of Europe is the Norwegian Business School (Nynorsk: Handelshyskolen BI). BI has four sites in total, with its main campus in Oslo.

The institution employs 845 individuals total, including 441 administrative and 404 academic staff members.

18,728 people were enrolled in BI Norwegian Business School in 2015. With more than 200 000 graduates since 1983, BI is Norway’s largest provider of economic and administrative competence and skills.

Scholarship Requirements:

You must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible for the scholarship:

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excellent academic candidates with citizenship in another country or in Norway
To be accepted, applicants must have a minimum overall GPA of “A” on the ECTS system or the highest grade available on an international basis.
Applicants must be in their third year of the Sivk program.
With the exception of the BI-Luiss Joint Masters in Marketing, open to applicants accepted to Master of Science degree programs at the campuses of Oslo or Bergen.

All applicants must continue to advance academically in order to keep their scholarships. The Scholarship Agreement contains a list of specific conditions.

Complete academic progression (30 ECTS) for every semester.
After each academic semester, a minimum BI ECTS cumulative GPA of “B” is required.
The recipients of the BI Presidential Scholarship are expected to serve as “BI Ambassadors,” serving as spokespeople and aiding in recruitment initiatives while fostering a positive learning environment. Scholarship winners will be made aware of their obligations during the school year.

Scholarship Length and Compensation

If the student satisfies the standards for academic development, scholarships will cover the whole tuition costs for each semester, up to two years, for Norwegian and internal applicants.
International applicants: If you meet the conditions for academic progression, scholarships will pay your entire tuition as well as a stipend each semester for up to two years. The stipend is intended to help with living expenses but only covers about 70% of them.


BI offers a significant master’s scholarship program. But there is fierce competition for scholarships. Every year, master’s applicants submit significantly more scholarship applications than there are actual funds available.

BI The goal of the Norwegian Business School is to enroll a multicultural, international student body.
We will only examine candidates who have been accepted into a Master of Science program and who have submitted their applications in accordance with instructions.
Only once the admissions offer has been accepted will scholarship applications be taken into consideration.
The allocation of scholarships among MSc programs is ensured by BI.
The institution maintains the right to prioritize certain master’s programs, diversity and gender distribution, or particular partner schools of BI when awarding scholarships.
The ECTS scale will be used to evaluate each candidate. The grades of applicants with foreign bachelor’s degrees will be translated to the ECTS scale.

Award notifications for scholarships

Admissions offers do not include scholarship offers. The admissions offer will be made to you first.
While awaiting scholarship decisions, applicants must accept the offer of admission.
Selected applicants will receive scholarship offers throughout the application season.
The deadline for accepting a scholarship offer is stated on the offer. Scholarships will be withdrawn/cancelled and given to another applicant if they are not accepted by the deadline.
With the exception of the A. Wilhelmsen Foundation Scholarship and the BI-Luiss Joint Master in Marketing Scholarship, which are given out later in the spring, all scholarships will be given out by the end of April.
By the end of April, the scholarship application decision will be communicated to all candidates, even those who were not chosen.
Scholarship decisions cannot be appealed.

Approach to Application

Use the following link to submit an application if you are interested and qualified.

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