Kim Kardashian Explains Why She ‘Hated’ Visiting The White House At First


Kim Kardashian Explains Why She ‘Hated’ Visiting The White House At First

Kim Kardashian admitted her first visit to the White House in 2018 was a daunting experience.

The reality TV star, who has been studying to become a lawyer, spoke candidly about feeling unprepared as she visited on behalf of Alice Marie Johnson.

With the help of Kardashian and then-president Donald Trump, Johnson was released from prison after receiving a life sentence in 1996 over nonviolent drug charges.

In a new interview with the “Angie Martinez IRL” podcast, Kardashian recalled, “I hated how I felt when I went into the White House for the first time and I didn’t know half of anything that they were saying – like all of the clemency talk, and all the attorney lingo and everything that they were talking about.

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“I literally was sitting there, like texting my attorney that was next to me.”

The Skims founder, who has since visited the White House on mutiple occasions, went on, “I was to the point where I didn’t even know like all of the abbreviations in the White House, so they were like ‘okay this person at the DOJ,’ and I was like ‘What is the DOJ?’

“And my attorney was like, ‘come on… Department of Justice’ and she kept texting me all this stuff but I was never too embarrassed to ask.

“I think that sometimes like you go into something and [are] like ‘I should know all this stuff.’”

Kardashian insisted of her White House visits, “I just dove into it.”

Elsewhere in the tell-all Martinez interview, Kardashian also spoke about that Balenciaga scandal backlash, as well as revealing how hard it is to co-parent with her ex-husband Kanye West amid the ongoing controversy surrounding the rapper.

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