Lady narrates how she got sacked for telling her bestfriend to stop dating her boss


The  Nigerian woman who’s an accountant to a reputable firm has narrated how her best friend succeeded in getting her sacked after she helped her secure a job in her workplace.
According to Adepuje, she helped her best friend secure a job in her workplace. Later on, six months gone after they have been colleagues at work, her best friend began dating her boss.

Adepuje disclosed that she warned her against it, unfortunately, that singular act of hers cost her job at the office.

Here’s what she tweeted:-

“I once inform my best friend about a job opportunity at my work place, She was employed and after 6 months she was the one that typed my sack letter cos she was dating my boss and I advise her not to do such cos he is married. Ever since then I have been careful to do such again.”

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