Leonardo DiCaprio Goes Viral For His Slo-Mo Dance Moves In Miami Nightclub


Leonardo DiCaprio Goes Viral For His Slo-Mo Dance Moves In Miami Nightclub

Leonardo DiCaprio has been celebrated for his acting, even winning a 2016 Best Actor Oscar for “The Revenant”, but after a night in a Miami nightclub he’s now being recognized for another skill entirely: his dancing.

DiCaprio was recently spotted hitting the dance floor in the Lounge at Gekko, the South Beach hotspot owned by Bad Bunny.

A video was posted on TikTok, capturing DiCaprio as he slowly grooved and, at one point, tipped his black baseball cap at someone.


Leonardo DiCaprio just vibing in Miami at Gekko in Brickell 😂 More on IG – livinmiami305 📸: @Rocio Aghemo @Valentine #miami #miamiflorida #miamifl #onlyinmiami #brickell #brickellliving #brickellmiami #leonardodicaprio

♬ original sound – Miami | Miami Beach

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It didn’t take long for the post to go viral; at time of writing, it had amassed 4.6 million views and counting.

Meanwhile, DiCaprio’s low-energy, slow-motion dance moves were met with mixed reviews from thousands of fans who shared comments, making like amateur “So You Think You Can Dance” judges to weigh in with their own opinions.

“Why does he dance like my grandpa[?]” reads one comment, one of many pointing out the 48-year-old actor was a little long in the tooth to be clubbing.

“Appears he found the quaaludes again,” another commenter added, with others including, “Leo dancing to this song is hilarious,” “At 48 years old? That’s so embarrassing for his soul,” and, “Having the ability to even stay awake at that hour at 48 yrs old is epic. Lol.”

In addition there were plenty of comments claiming that wasn’t him, but a Leo lookalike, while others defended his dancing. “He got the moves like in Wolf of Wall Street,” one comment responded,” with others writing, “He’s a whole vibe and I’m here for it 😍,” “He’s chillin let him live,” and “He’s kinda smooth with it though 👌.”

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