Mandy Moore On Prioritizing Herself For Her Kids, ‘I Feel Like I’m A Better Woman And Mother’


Mandy Moore On Prioritizing Herself For Her Kids, ‘I Feel Like I’m A Better Woman And Mother’

Mandy Moore is prioritizing her mental health and her children.

On Thursday night’s episode of Chelsea Handler’s podcast, “This Is Chelsea,” the 38-year-old shared her secret to maintaining the best version of herself during motherhood.

Moore compared the differences between working as a young popstar and entering motherhood, explaining how she now prioritizes her mental and physical health.

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“I feel like in any other chapter in my life, until now, I definitely would have ignored that little voice,” she explained. “I would have said, ‘Nope, I’m gonna put everyone else’s expectations ahead of my own’ and I would have just like soldiered on. It probably would have been fine, but I feel like I’m a better woman and wife and mother and all of the things because I sort of listened to that intuition and took that time for myself.”

The “This Is Us” star emphasized the importance of mothers seeing other moms prioritize themselves.

“As women, it’s good for us to see examples of other women drawing those boundaries, and delineating between, ‘Nope, I can only do so much. I am human. I am fallible. I need to listen to myself and listen to my body,’ and that’s sort of what I did,” she said. When you do that, she explained, “you’re giving other people [the idea] to give themselves that same permission.”

Moore’s second son, Ozzie, was born in October. Moore shared intimate and touching photos of the childbirth, captioning the photos: “One month with our Ozzie.”

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