Marsai Martin Reveals She Had Surgery To Remove Ovarian Cyst After Years Of ‘Constant Pain’


Marsai Martin Reveals She Had Surgery To Remove Ovarian Cyst After Years Of ‘Constant Pain’

Marsai Martin is on the mend after having surgery to remove an ovarian cyst.

The “Black-ish” star took to her Instagram Story on Saturday to reveal that she went under the knife to remove the “large” cyst, which she said has been bothering her for over four years.

As defined by the Mayo Clinic, an ovarian cyst is solid or fluid-filled sac or pocket (cyst) within or on the surface of an ovary. While most ovarian cysts disappear in a few months, they can cause complications if they don’t.

“If you missed my live, long story short, I had surgery for my large ovarian cyst that gave me constant pain for 4+ years,” the 18-year-old actress wrote, alongside a black-and-white video from inside the hospital. “I really don’t remember any of this sh*t because of the anesthesia, lol. But I will say that I am very grateful to have family and educators by my side in support of this process.”


She continued, “The only reason I am sharing this is so I can hopefully spread awareness and share my experience to the young women out there that may be going through the same thing or have difficult menstrual cycles. You are never alone. Listen to your body. It always shows you signs. Health is wealth.”

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On Sunday, Martin once again took to her Instagram Story to update fans on her health. Posting a selfie while getting her makeup done, Martin thanked fans for the well wishes and support and shared that the surgery was actually done 10 days ago.


“Thank y’all for all the love,” she began. “The procedure was 10 days ago and I’m now feeling fine. I also appreciate the stories from folks that have been through the same thing! But I’m back and I’m betta.”

When ET last spoke to Martin, the busy actress turned producer spoke about her most recent foray behind the camera in “Fantasy Football”, and shared that stepping behind the camera is “a new passion of mine… I love to create any way, any shape or form.”

Martin plays Callie, an avid gamer and daughter of an NFL running back, who discovers something strange about her copy of Madden NFL 23 — when playing with her dad’s avatar on screen, she can actually control him in real-life games! Using this power, she’s able to help her dad stay on the field and, of course, cause some hijinks along the way!

The actress said the film was originally developed by LeBron James’ SpringHill Company as a father-son story, but they adapted the script to have her be the star.

“Having it, at the core, being a father-daughter thing is absolutely beautiful,” she marveled, noting that she had some real-life experience to lean on. “My dad is a big Madden fan… He loves everything football, so just like how your dad teaches the kid how to drive, that was my dad teaching me how to play Madden.”

See Martin dish more on the film in the video below.

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