Meghan Trainor Says Her Life ‘Began’ When She Gave Birth To Her Son: ‘Riley Was My Good Luck Charm’


Meghan Trainor Says Her Life ‘Began’ When She Gave Birth To Her Son: ‘Riley Was My Good Luck Charm’

Meghan Trainor is sharing her joy of motherhood with the world.

The singer stopped by Penn Badgley’s podcast “Podcrashed” to talk her music, but mostly to gush over her kid.

“Riley was my good luck charm. Everything opened up. Everything happened because of that kid. So have babies make money, you know?” she praised.

Trainor is mother to 1-year-old Riley whom she shares with Daryl Sabara.

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An unexpected benefit of motherhood has been how her son has helped her with her music.

Rumour has it Childish Gambino’s music changed after fatherhood. The musician is father to two sons with Michelle White.

“I don’t know, I don’t even know if it’s true. My husband told me this, but [Childish Gambino] said his music got better when he had, after he had kids,” she recalled. “And I was like, this album’s about to be my best one yet. And I was really proud of it and the world has connected to it.”

The singer recently released her new album Takin’ It Back in October after embracing the joys of motherhood.

That’s not the only benefit, however, as apparently despite all the responsibilities that come with becoming a parent, Trainor has found herself with more time.

“You get more time because you wake up earlier,” she explained. “I’ve got better in every single category. So have babies because your life will start.”

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