Mila Kunis Almost Moved To Canada: ‘My Husband Reminded Me About Your Winters’


Mila Kunis Almost Moved To Canada: ‘My Husband Reminded Me About Your Winters’

Mila Kunis almost became a resident of the north.

The actress filmed “Luckiest Girl Alive” in Toronto last year and came to fall in love with the city, so much so she considered moving there.

“I’ve only ever shot in Canada when I was in my 20s, so I never got to experience the aspects of Canada that I took for granted, or Toronto, let me be specific,” she recalled in a “Q & Eh” segment for Netflix in Your Neighbourhood.

She was particularly blown away by “just how family-friendly Toronto is,” in particular the neighbourhood she stayed in during the summer.

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“I loved it. My kids loved it. We lived in a place called The Beaches, which is this teeny, tiny little enclave, and they had the greatest summer,” said Kunis.

There was, however, just one hiccup.

“I absolutely love it. I was ready to move there. And then my husband reminded me about your winters… and then I chose against it. But I was down for the summer,” she continued.

While she wasn’t willing to change her address just yet, she was likely to return to visit her favourite local bakery: COBS Bread in The Beaches.

“There’s a local bakery that we started going to so often they would start putting things aside for the kids,” said the actress, describing it as “wonderful” and calling the staff “so lovely.”

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