NYIF – FG Empowerment Treat 


N75 Billion Nigeria Youth Investment Fund, NYIF, under Survival Fund, is part of the implementation of the Economic Sustainability Plan (ESP) designed by the Professor Yemi Osinbajo’s led committee Implementation is on.

1/4 https://t.co/YnLtx8huF4In this program, Youths under 35 years old will receive between 250k & 3 million naira to aide them in starting a business. It is a soft palliative loan that has a year moratorium, and then another 3 years to pay it off; with the most minimal interest.So many has already been credited.

If you successfully registered for NYIF & has not been credited, answer these:

1. What is your registered name:

2. What month did you register:

3. What stage are you now with your registration:

4. Do you have a unique NYIF issue?5. Drop a screenshot with your answer; if available.


A. Do not write in shortword. Spell your words in full.

B. SHARE this post on your wall.

C. Join Star Boy, Professor Yemi Osinbajo’s fora

https://t.co/edEXDNhazLNYIF registration is still on. Link: https://t.co/YCFVvq3U37

This post is for those who successfully registered for NYIF. Please, follow instructions to the letter. This post will be turned off at my discretion. Let’s go.

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