Popular Kannywood Actor Adam A Zango Ready To Release New Film


Populer Nigerian Kannywood actor and producer Adam Zango says he will now be releasing his new films only through his YouTube channel.

In a video post on his Instagram page, Zango said his new movie, Gudun Mutuwa, Which Was Been released Before and You can only be watched on YouTube.

“Piracy has eaten deep into our industry. You cannot make gains anymore if you take your films to the market. You will hardly make a profit and also cinemas are really not working for the Industry,” he said.

Describing how his fans can access and watch the film, Zango said a unique link to the YouTube page will be sent to everyone who pays N1000 or send a recharge card number of any Nigerian mobile phone network of the same amount to a dedicated account number.

” We have sent out bank accounts and numbers that our able fans can use to either deposit money or send the recharge card.

” Once you have paid your name will be registered and you will be sent the link to the YouTube account at the time the film is released”.

Zango said all his movies can henceforth be viewed on YouTube, using the same procedure, He said he would be the first Kannywood actor to show his whole new releases on Youtube.

Meanwhile, many people welcome the Idea but also pointed out some possible challenges.

Hassana Dalhat, a Kannywood film promoter and analyst, said many Hausa film enthusiasts may not understand “this YouTube thing.

“YouTube technology allows you to download videos once you have access to them. It will not pay him well if it can be downloaded at release time and can be shared.

And again, the majority of viewers cannot be comfortable with YouTube to watch a more than an hour movie on small phones. Also, it means that anyone watching will have to be familiar with the youTube and have strong and fast internet connectivity. That will cost a lot of money. After paying N1000 then you have to buy Internet data to watch. ”

Hassana called on actors and policymakers in the industry to find a way to control piracy and still make many fans have access to movies.

The new movie (Gudun Mutuwa) features Falalu Dorayi, Adam Zango, who is also the film producer, Halima Ateteh, and Suleiman Bosho among others.
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