Press Release Photos Actress Rahama Sadau – Making Noise Over Social Media


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Popular Nigerians Kannywood Actress  Also Famous Kannywood’s actress Rahama Sadau’s dressing has sparked controversy amongst Arewa Twitter community online.

This is after the actress  Rahama Sadau shared some stunning photos of her online exposing her back with her head uncovered Across Her Social Media.

A lot And Many have condemned her dressing and appearance, referring to it as indecent while others accessed her of promoting immorality in Islam.

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Below Here Its The Comments Out Of Her Following Twitter Friends  Did To Her.

(” Look at what Sadau brought upon us people making fun of religion and attacking us for calling our so called Muslim sister to order.

Wallahi Allah bazai barki yadda kika tozarta addinin musulumci a idon duniya kema Allah sai ya tozartaki. “).

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Here Are More Pictures:-

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rahamasadau official fans 20201103 0004695140290

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