Priscilla Presley Admits It’s Been A ‘Dark, Painstaking Journey’ After Losing Her Daughter Lisa Marie


Priscilla Presley Admits It’s Been A ‘Dark, Painstaking Journey’ After Losing Her Daughter Lisa Marie

Priscilla Presley has thanked well-wishers again following the death of her beloved daughter, Lisa Marie Presley.

Priscilla took to Twitter on Thursday to write, “To YOU, I’m truly overwhelmed with your words, your prayers, your love and your support.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart in trying to help me get through this loss. Every parent who has lost a daughter or son knows what a dark painstaking journey it is.”

She shared earlier this week following a public memorial that was held at Graceland on Sunday, “Thank you all for your condolences, you have touched me with your words.

“It has been a very difficult time but just knowing your love is out there makes a difference.”

Lisa Marie passed away on Jan. 12 at age 54 after suffering a cardiac arrest.

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Priscilla delivered an emotional reading at Sunday’s memorial, sharing a poem from one of her granddaughters.

The reading included, “I have no idea how to put my mother into words. The truth is, there are too many. Lisa Marie Presley was an icon, a role model, a superhero to people all over the world. But mama was my icon, my role model, my superhero, in much more ways than one.

“Even now, I can’t get across everything there is to be understood or known about her. But as she always said, ‘I’ll do my best,’” Priscilla continued.

“In 1968 she entered our world, born fragile, tired, yet strong. She was delicate, but was filled with life. She always knew she wouldn’t be here too long. Childhood passes by with a glimpse of her green eye. She then grew a family of her own. Then came her second child, leading her to suspicion. Could this be the angel who takes me home?” Priscilla read, fighting back tears.

“Time, of course, flew by. It was time for a tragedy. She knew it was close to the end. Survivors guilt, some would say, but a broken heart was the doing of her death,” she continued. “Now she is home where she always belonged, but my heart is missing her love. She knew that I loved her. I fear I’ll never touch her. But the old soul is always with me. She doesn’t drift above.”

“That says it all, and thank you all for being here,” Priscilla concluded, speaking to the audience. “Our heart is broken, Lisa, and we all love you.”

An official cause of death is yet to be revealed.

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