SAWISE Angus Scholarship for Female Undergraduate Students, 2023, Application


SAWISE Angus Scholarship for Female Undergraduate Students, 2023, Application - Review Mr.

An offspring of the Association of South African Women in Science and EngineerinAg is the SAWISE Angus Scholarship (SA WISE).

a vibrant organization for everyone in favor of enhancing the position of women in science and engineering in Africa.

SA WISE’s improvement of communication among female scientists and engineers is one of its key roles.

There are more scholarships available right now in many nations in Europe, the US, and Canada. Check out a few of the options listed below:

Research Summary

Association of South African Women in Science and Engineering is the venue’s host (SA WISE).
Scholarships for undergraduates
All nations in Africa are eligible.
Prize: R15,000
the 27th day of January 2023

Scholarship Information:

Africa, notably South Africa, suffers from a severe lack of technologically skilled workers. In 1980, there were 2679 scientists and engineers working on research and development for every million people in North America, compared to 251 in Latin America and 49 in Africa. In 1993, the USA had 7600 individuals working in R&D for every million population, whereas Japan had 7300.

For Africa, no statistics are provided. For development to occur, both men and women must become more technologically literate.

Conditions for Scholarships:

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Among the requirements for receiving the SAWISE Angus Scholarship are:

a female black sub-Saharan.
must have a grade point average in her field of study of 70% or higher.
only for honors-level coursework (or 4th year equivalent e.g. in engineering).
in any branch of engineering and science.

Scholarship Length and Compensation

Each recipient will get R15,000.

Courses for SAWISE Angus Scholarships

Required Documents

Candidates must be prepared to submit the following paperwork in order to apply:

Personal statement

an official transcript from school (record)
Authenticated copy of your ID Acceptance evidence for 2023 (if you have already been accepted)

Approach to Application

Candidates that are qualified should apply by clicking the link below.

After completing the form, please submit the supporting materials to with the subject line “your name.”

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