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Study in Sweden: KTH Scholarships for Foreign Students in 2023 - Review Mr.


The KTH Scholarship pays the entire master’s program tuition for either a one- or two-year program.

13% of scholarship candidates who were accepted into a program in 2022 were nominated for the KTH Scholarship (75 out of 564). Academic prowess and a desire to support sustainable development are the primary considerations in the scholarship selection process.

There are more scholarships available right now in many nations in Europe, the US, and Canada. Check out a few of the options listed below:

Summary of the Scholarship

Host Country: Sweden
Europe is a good place to study abroad.
Category: Masters and Postgraduate Scholarships
All countries are eligible.
Full Scholarship as a reward
December 1, 2022: Application Deadline
16 January 2023 is the deadline.

Scholarship Information:

Each year, students who must pay tuition fees and who have applied first for a Master’s degree at KTH are given a small number of KTH Scholarships based on their academic performance. There are more KTH scholarships available.

The following scholarships are offered by:

KTH India Scholarship
KTH Joint Program Scholarship

Scholarship Requirements:

In order to qualify for the scholarship, you must be a fee-paying student who has given priority to applying to a master’s degree at KTH. For the scholarship, students with conditional eligibility are also eligible.

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Applicable programs

All programs—with the exception of the joint Erasmus+, EIT Digital, EIT InnoEnergy, EIT Urban Mobility, and Nordic Five Tech programs—and the joint program Computer Simulations for Science and Engineering—allow applicants to apply for KTH Scholarships. But candidates for some of these programs can submit an application for the KTH Joint Program Scholarship. The KTH Scholarship is open to candidates for the joint master’s programs in Molecular Techniques in Life Science and Innovative Technology for Healthy Living (EIT Health).

Scholarship Length and Compensation

If the first year’s study results are adequate, the KTH Scholarship will pay for both the first and second years’ tuition at KTH.

Living expenses are not included in the scholarship.

Choice Process

The selection procedure is carried out concurrently with the admissions process, and the scholarship is offered mostly on the basis of academic excellence. Scholarships are only available to those who meet the program’s admission requirements. Following the evaluation of applications for admission, the following criteria are used to evaluate candidates for the scholarship:

The student’s grades (GPA or equivalent)
The standing of the college where the applicant received a bachelor’s degree
The applicant’s drive, pertinent employment history, and extracurricular pursuits
How the applicant plans to use their KTH master’s degree to further the goals of sustainable development.

Approach to Application

You must submit an application for admission to a KTH Master’s program in order to be eligible for the scholarship. On the website, applications are submitted online. Due date is January 16, 2023.

To obtain the application form and for comprehensive information on how to apply for this scholarship, please read the how to apply page and go to the official website (link provided below).

beginning on December 1st, 2022


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