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2023: Study in Sweden Scholarships From Lund University For International Students - Review Mr.


Top academic candidates from outside the European Union/European Economic Area (including Switzerland) who wish to apply for a Bachelor’s or Master’s Program offered at Lund University are recognized through the exclusive, merit-based Lund University Global Scholarship program.

Lund University draws bright students from all over the world since it is a top 100 university and is in the top 0.4% of universities worldwide. By providing prizes for academic performance, the Lund University Global Scholarship program aims to recognize exceptional students.

Scholarship recipients are determined to be a good fit for our programs based on their track record of routinely receiving high grades in their prior coursework. The scholarship is competitive, merit-based, and selected.

There are more scholarships available right now in many nations in Europe, the US, and Canada. Check out a few of the options listed below:

Summary of the Scholarship

Host Country: Sweden
Europe is a good place to study abroad.
Undergraduate, graduate, and master’s scholarships are all included in this category.
All countries are eligible.
Prize: US$1.8 million
the 28th of February 2023

Scholarship Information:

The procedure for choosing programs and courses is done concurrently with the procedure for choosing scholarships. Priority will be given to applicants who have demonstrated great dedication and desire to study at Lund University, have high academic standing, are deemed to be a good match for the program, and have made Lund University their top choice or options when applying via

The selection process for the scholarship does not take the student’s financial needs into account because it is merit-based alone.

The following requirements must be met in order to be eligible to apply for a scholarship:

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• You must pay a tuition fee and be a citizen of a nation outside the EU/EEA (as well as Switzerland).

• You have submitted a standard application for Bachelor’s or Master’s level studies for at least one semester of study (30 ECTS)

If you do not meet the prerequisites for admission to Lund University, if you have not made Lund University your top choice(s) at, or if you are unable to arrange the financing needed to cover living expenses as required by the Swedish Migration Board, PLEASE DO NOT APPLY.

Scholarship Length and Compensation

Each year, scholarships worth about SEK 18 million (€1.7 million/US $1.8 million) are awarded.
A selective scholarship awarded on the basis of merit to deserving students from outside the EU/EEA.

Essential Documents

Your individual “scholarship motivation letter” (limited to 600 words) must be uploaded as part of the online scholarship application process. Please be aware that the motivation letter for a scholarship is distinct from any statement of purpose that you might be asked to include with your programme-specific application materials. Your scholarship motivation letter should detail why you are an ideal candidate for a Lund University Global Scholarship based on your academic achievements and the reasons you chose to apply to Lund University.

For the Lund University programs or courses you have chosen, you may only apply once for a Lund University Global Scholarship during a given application season. You may, however, also submit applications for other scholarships, such as the ones offered by the Swedish Institute.

Approach to Application

For studies beginning in the fall semester of 2023, you must first apply for the program(s) or free-standing course(s) you desire to enroll in at Lund University using the online, national application website,, between the dates of 17 October and 16 January 2023. Be aware that some programs don’t accept applications until December 1st).

You can apply for the scholarship at the official website during the scholarship application period after submitting a complete application to a degree program or free-standing courses of at least 30 ECTS credits and paying the application fee.

Visit the official website (link provided below) for comprehensive instructions on how to apply for this scholarship.

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