Water: Gov. Ugwuanyi’s emergency interventions yielding tremendous result – Enugu Board


Water: Gov. Ugwuanyi’s emergency interventions yielding tremendous result - Enugu Board - Daily Post Nigeria

The Enugu State Water Corporation has announced that the emergency interventions by Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi’s administration on the water crisis which hit the State earlier this year, has yielded visible results.

PRESSLOADED reports that Gov. Ugwuanyi had in the wake of the water scarcity, not only reconstituted the Corporation’s Board, but released intervention funds for rehabilitation of facilities.

Briefing journalists, Thursday, on the journey so far, the Chairman of the Board, Engr. Innocent Diyoke said water capacity had improved from about 10,000 cubic meters to over 40,000.

He said this accounted for the flow of water being witnessed in several parts of the Enugu metropolis.

According to him, “water generation and reticulation was at a very low level when we took over a few months ago because of breakdown of facilities in both Ajali and Oji River.

“But to God be the glory, we undertook a rapid assessment and came up with emergency rehabilitation measures that will help us immediately, this was forwarded to the Governor, who graciously approved and released the funds we needed immediately to carry out these emergency rehabilitation measures.

“As we speak, these measures have resulted in improvement in water supply, from about 10,000 to 11,000 cubic meters when we came on board, to about 40,000 and above as we speak.

“So, that is why there has been some marginal improvement on water supply from what it used to be.

“We are happy to announce that some of the areas that were not receiving water for several months are now receiving water.”

He further stated that apart from the interventions in Enugu capital, “we are also doing the same rehabilitation measure for Nsukka; only one borehole was working at Nsukka when we came on board, but as we speak now, four boreholes are working at Nsukka, in the next two weeks, six boreholes will be working there because we have been given money to purchase all we need, they are already on sight and they are going to be installed in the next two weeks.

“We have many areas in Nsukka today receiving water, which we attribute to the swift intervention of His Excellency, the Governor of the State.”

Diyoke revealed that areas not covered with water reticulation in the State would soon smile as they were already captured in an ongoing water expansion scheme.

“As we speak, the Government of Enugu State has received a credit of 50m Dollars from the French Development Agency, AFD. This funding is already in place and being used to expand the Enugu water supply system, including the production centres.

“The consultant for the engineering has commenced work, he has worked for one month, he has five months to complete his mappings and produce working drawings, and tender document for complete rehabilitation and revamping of Ajali and Oji River pumping stations, as well as the transmission lines from Oji and Ajali to Enugu, including extension to areas that are not served before now, as well as complete rehabilitation of the distribution system and changing some of the aged asbestos pipes.

“This is now currently on board and in the next one or two years, Enugu will be flooded with water from that project,” he said.

The Board Chairman also hinted that prior to this latest intervention, “in the last few months, the government awarded the contract for the rehabilitation of boreholes. We have some existing boreholes that have been out of use for quite some time.

“The Governor graciously awarded the contract of N600m for the rehabilitation and revamping of these boreholes.

“Presently, work is in progress, 8 of the borehole sites have been recovered and developed. The contractor has ordered for the solar powered plants, treatment panels, and other items, they will arrive soon and will be installed. This will further improve the water supply situation in Enugu.”

He said the Board was also committed to addressing issues of manpower, stressing that “we have been granted permission to employ needed staff because some of the problems in water cooperation are incapacity and inadequate staff.

“The Board did an evaluation and discovered that we needed to inject more staff, particularly the ones to be trained by the consultant working under the AFD project, so that they can take over when the consultant finishes

“We are happy to announce that the government graciously approved that for us; the process is on, we have commenced screening, we are looking for just under 100 people but we received more than 6000 applications, we are using merit, we want to show that the government can get it right.

“We want to rebrand the Water Corporation, we want to revamp it, we want to show that we an do business, our target is that by the time we get to where we want to be, the Corporation should be self-sustaining, the Corporation will not be needing money from government, rather it will be making profit.”

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