Yomi Fabiyi has no moral values, should be flogged – Actress Ada Ameh


Oko Iyabo: Yomi Fabiyi has no moral values, should be flogged - Actress Ada Ameh - Daily Post Nigeria

Nollywood Actress, Ada Ameh, has slammed actor Yomi Fabiyi over his controversial new movie.

Fabiyi in his new movie ‘Oko Iyabo’ employed a storyline making reference to Baba Ijesha’s rape saga.

Nigerians alongside other actors have criticized Fabiyi for centering the storyline of his new movie around Baba Ijesha’s rape saga.

Adah Ameh, reacting, stated that the filmmaker lacks family values and released the movie just for fame, insisting that he is supposed to be flogged for his action.

She described Yomi Fabiyi as a self-centered and wicked man who will reap the wickedness he sows.

While calling on movie censors board to act on the movie, the actress prayed that none of Yomi Fabiyi’s children and those of the actors in the movie experience molestation.

In a video on her Instagram, she said: “It is a Shame, do not because of money or cheap fame do the wrong things!!!

“Yomi it is quite unfortunate that this is how crazy how some people want fame. Bros you call someone your friend; they released him on bail for molestation yet you went to do a film because you want to be popular. We are not going anywhere with this fame; you are supposed to use this fame to help others.

“I used to respect you before but this fame you’re after is the wrong way.

“All the actors on that movie may your children not be victims

because you all failed before you started. @realyomifabiyi, you will meet your Waterloo. God almighty will judge you. This is where censors should intervene.

“You’re gullible, wicked and desperate to make a movie out of a case that is still in court; you are worse than the people. May your sons and daughters never be raped.”

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