You can’t get motherly love after losing your mom – Reality TV Star, Leo Dasilva


The former reality star, Leo DaSilva has reminisced on the motherly love he received from his late mother as he disclosed that you can’t get anything like it after losing your mom.
The reality star took to his Instagram page to disclose that he’s been sick for four days and he learned a unique lesson during those sick days.

According to him, You can’t get anything like motherly love after losing your mother.

He further advises people out there to cherish their mother in health.

Here’s what he wrote:-

“You can’t get anything like motherly love after losing your mum.

You can’t even expect it from anyone else asides your mother.

Every love you get will always be conditional. If you get one that the conditions are favourable, good for you. Hold it tight.

I was ill for 4 days and it honestly made me miss my mum.

If your mother is still alive and well, cherish her o!

Trust me, in this world na only them really care for real for real”.

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